Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many ounces of juices/smoothies should I be drinking?

If you are fasting you want to drink a minimum of 64 oz of juice each day, this may not seem like much when you are just starting out but as you fast for longer periods of time your body will change in how often it needs to eat and in order to function properly 64 oz a day is a great way to measure your drinking.  If at the beginning of you fast you find yourself hungry feel free to drink more just not less.

Q2. How many days should I do for a fast?

I would consult your physician to find out what will work  best for you.  I have done 3, 7, 10 and even a 30 day fast, it all was dependent on my commitment at the time.  So really only you can answer how long your fast should be.

Q3. If I am meal replacing which meal should I chose?

This is totally up to you, if you find that you a person who skips breakfast than I would suggest replacing your breakfast with a juice or smoothie.  If you enjoy eating dinner with your family then replace your drink for breakfast or lunch.  If none of my examples are you then I would try various drinks to replace different meals on different times and choose that way.

Q4. How much weight will I lose?

This answer is dependent on may things 1).how much weight you are at the time you begin your fast 2). If you are on a work out regimen or plan to start one while fasting 3). If you are drinking juice only  and again there are many other things that can cause you to lose more or less weight but the average person can lose 5-15 lbs doing one of our packages.

Q5. Can I use a blender to juice?

The short answer is yes, it is a process and may  be a tad messy.  >>>insert video<<

Q6. How much water do I need to drink?

64 oz minimum

Q7. I have health issues can I juice?

Please consult your physician before you begin any new eating lifestyle.  At Juice Box we can customize any drink to fit your health needs, if you are allergic to any fruit or vegetable we will omit it form the recipe and still ensure that it is a tasty drink that you can enjoy while changing your eating habits.

Q8. Do you ship your drinks?

In order to keep cost affordable, we only service our tri-state area Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware.  We can customize recipes for you to make yourself or take to a local juice bar >>DIY Recipe EBOOK<<


Q9. How do I best prepare for a juice fast

Please click here for fasting preparation

Q10. What foods should I be eating/snacking while fasting?

If you have decided to fast, in most cases you will not be eating any foods, but I do know for some this will not happen.  I suggest eating raw fruits and vegetables when snacking.